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DECEMBER 2004 Newsletter


Next Meeting: Thursday, December 9th, 2004

! RSVP is requested !

Speaker: Dr. Larry Carey, Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

Program: Dr. Carey’s talk will be centered on severe storms, mesoscale meteorology, lightning, and cloud electrification.  

Dr. Carey’s Bio & Research Interests:  Ph.D. Atmospheric Science, Colorado State U., 1999. Dr. Carey’s research goal is to understand the integrated kinematic, microphysical, and electrical nature of clouds and precipitation systems. He has observed and studied non-precipitating mixed-phase clouds, mid-latitude multicell convection, High Plains supercells and tornadic storms, tropical and mid-latitude Mesoscale Convective Systems (MCSs), and flash flooding.

Recent Scientific Objectives: Recent objectives of my research have been to 1) explore the relatively unknown structure and microphysics of mixed-phase altocumulus clouds, 2) diagnose the relationship between tropical rainfall characteristics and cloud microphysics and kinematics, 3) understand the connection between storm severity and structure, lightning characteristics, and the mesoscale environment, and 4) characterize the 3-D structure of lightning within mesoscale convective systems.

Recent Field Experiments: I have planned and participated in a number of small and large field campaigns, including the Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission - Large-scale Biosphere Atmosphere Experiment (TRMM-LBA, 1999, Amazonia, Brazil), the Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study (STEPS, 2000, Goodland, Kansas), and the Complex Layered Cloud Experiment (CLEX, 2001, North Platte, Nebraska).

Radar Meteorology: Although I use a wide variety of observational platforms, radar is my primary tool for diagnosing the structure, kinematics and microphysics of clouds and precipitation. I employ multi-Doppler and polarimetric observations and analysis techniques to diagnose the three-dimensional wind field and hydrometeor types and amounts.

Further information on Larry Carey: http://www.met.tamu.edu/personnel/faculty/carey.html 

Time:  6:30 PM

!!! RSVP is requested !!!

RSVP by Wednesday, December 8th, to elm4wx@yahoo.com so we know how much food to order.

"Holiday" Meeting Location: ImpactWeather

Address:  8787 Tallyho

                Houston, TX 77061


Mapquest to ImpactWeather:

Additional maps are located at: http://www.impactweather.com/impdirections.html

Notes from the President:

Last month’s meeting was held at KPRC News Channel 2, where Chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley was our featured speaker. We had a fantastic turnout with over 30 people with a lot of new faces! Members were able to watch Frank do the live 6 o’clock weather segment along with a personal tour of the studio. In addition, we met “Radar,” Houston’s top weather dog. 

This month we will get into the holiday spirit and all members are asked to bring a dessert or snack/appetizer to pass at the December meeting. The AMS will provide pizza and drinks so please RSVP! ImpactWeather will host the meeting at their facility on 8787 Tallyho near Houston Hobby Airport. Our speaker is Dr. Larry Carey, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Dr. Carey’s impressive list of publications and research interests are online at: http://www.met.tamu.edu/personnel/faculty/carey.html. 

We are always looking for new and interesting subjects, and if you have any ideas for topics or speakers please let me know. See you on December 9th at the next meeting! 

Your President,

Liz Murphy





 As Liz mentioned above, we want to capture all of our meetings, volunteer efforts, school science events, etc. for nostalgia’s sake and for possible entry in BAMS. We may even include them within this monthly newsletter. Please seek out an officer if you are interested in being a photographer.

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Upcoming 2005 Conferences:

85th AMS Annual Meeting

9 —13 January 2005, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

National Hurricane Conference
21 – 25 March, 2005, Hilton
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Atmospheric Sciences and Air Quality Conference
27–29 April 2005,
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13th Conference on Middle Atmosphere
13—17 June 2005,
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13—17 June 2005, Cambridge, MA

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15th Conference on Applied Climatology
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34th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology
21st Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting
17th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction
1-5 August 2005, Washington, D.C.

NOAA/EPA Golden Jubilee Symposium on Air Quality Modeling and Its Applications
20—21 September 2005,
Durham, NC

12th Conference on Mesoscale Processes
24-28 October 2005, Albuquerque, NM

32nd Conference Radar Meteorology
24-29 October 2005, Albuquerque, NM


Next Local AMS Meeting: Tuesday, January 18th – Location/Speaker T.B.D. 

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